Kotaku reader Bonny John’s running a pretty cool project by drawing one Pokémon every day. He’s at number 251 of this series, and since it’s a milestone for him, he celebrated it with this fantastic Celebi piece.

Here’s the full image and a WIP shot below. Head over to TAY for all the other pics.


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This series has been a joy to watch and stay up each night for. Every day he uses a different style, and each time I’m more and more inspired by his stunning vision. It’s always fresh, and absolutely worth the time to go through and appreciate each and every piece.

Bonny is one of my favorite artists, and it’s been a helluva trip to see him grow and expand what he’s capable of. What he does in a day is something I could only hope to accomplish in a week or more.

Congrats, dude. I’m super proud. Can’t wait to see what’s next.