Kotaku Off Topic: Killer Clowns

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Hey, Kotaku Off Topic readers, you know you can still talk about video games in this open thread if you so choose! Because I'm about to...


First, I was personally pretty excited to see that new Mortal Kombat trailer today. Sure, I was maybe hoping that the MK movie pitch version might become the setting for a radically re-imagined fighter, but the new trailer was certainly not disappointing to me. What is? That I might not get to play it at E3!

Second, who's up for some Team Fortress 2? I'll see you in the Kotakuites Steam Group? Yes?



For some reason Kotaku and Gizmodo refuse to load up on my phone, so I've gotten into the habit of reading vast quantities of web comics during the lull of the work day.

Recently, I read the entirety of The Perry Bible Fellowship Comics. This is my favorite of the bunch; I highly recommend the rest of you check out pbfcomics. Totally awesome.

But with all those comics done, I'm stuck without any reading material at work. Any recommended webcomics from my fellow Kotaku-ites? I'm in a need for reading material.