Kotaku Off Topic: Follow Friday

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Welcome to the weekend, Kotaku Off Topic followers. It's Friday night, Kotaku time, and having just got paid—let's just assume—we're sure you're just ready to cut loose with some on or off topic talk.


Since the Twitter tradition is to suggest people of interest to follow their every move, and since I spent plenty of time on Twitter today, what about doing some "follow Friday" on this edition of Kotaku Off Topic. We've heard recent calls for a fresh Ban Monday (it's coming!) but if there's something out there warranting a click of the heart or a shiny gold star, let your fellow Off Topic commenters know.

In the meantime, tell us about your weekend plans, whether they're gaming related or not. And enjoy some of the following, at your leisure.


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Non video game to do list:

Microbiology study

Organic Chemistry study

and my favorite:

Sit at desk being bored, grumpy and borderline depressed.

Video Game To Do list:

The Witcher

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl (just got done with x16, had to knife some snorks in the sewer exit just to have enough ammo for the psuedogiant..where the fuck did my 400 rounds of ammo for the SiG 550 go?)


Wishing i could justify the purchase of Bioshock 2.

College is so over rated.