To: Ash
From: Totilo
Re: Don't Let This Flower Die!

We looked at the performance of the site yesterday and came to a simple conclusion: time to let Crecente go. Gone. Finished. Done.

Well, for the day.

The black lion of the Voltron that is Kotaku took the day off today. In that lion's place was me. Hooray? That's right, Kotaku was temporarily headquartered in New York City today. I'd have all sorts of witty things to tell you about my day and how we recovered from our tech problems of yesterday with vigor. But I'm late. I'm always late. wants to interview me for a show. So I gotta run there. Maybe they'll show me the rest of the Mario-Peach sex tape while I'm there.


So... the site's yours. Now, if there are any news stories that are breaking that involve scantily-clad Japanese women, please don't be afraid to post them. I know how you normally hold back.

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