We're live at EA's Tokyo Game Show press conference. Why don't you join us, see what EA has to show.

There are a few technical difficulties in the venue, so instead of our fancy liveblogging tech we'll be doing this the old-fashioned way. So, yeah, hit F5 to refresh!

- The first game being shown off is...My Garden, a 3DS game where you and your little gardener friend Tanooki have to tend to a garden full of flowers. Looks quite pretty for a handheld game.

- Now showing off a game called "Create", which looks like LittleBigPlanet, only it won't have Media Molecule on the box art. It's tailored to players of all demographics, and is for PS3, 360, PC, Mac and Wii. It'll be out in November.


- Two new sports games coming up.

- Oh, wait, not new games. It's FIFA 11 and EA's MMA title.

- MMA might be old news, but it's Japanese logo is way better than ours.


- The Japanese version will feature Olympic gold-medal winner Hidehiko Yoshida. The 41-year-old has since gone on to mixed martial arts and competes in Japan's Pride tournaments.

- Now onto Dead Space 2. Talking up the first game's metacritic rating.


- Ah, also here to talk about the PS3 version of Dead Space: Extraction, which will work with PlayStation Move. Aiming looks a little wonky, but it looks much nicer in HD.

- American McGee takes the stage to talk Alice: Madness Returns, which we've already seen a bit of tonight.


- Sorry for being brief, but there hasn't been much genuinely new to pass on as of yet!

- One game to go. It's Shadows of the Damned, the new EA game by Shinji Mikami and No More Heroes designer Goichi Suda. CLassy trailer, we'll have it up for you asap.


- Mikami says the game has a punk rock style to it. With Suda on-board, who would have guessed!

- Former Konami man Akira Yamaoka is on music duties. Explains why he left!

- Trailer running now. You can see some screenshots and art here.


- And that's it, EA wrapping it up. Thanks for stopping by. We'll have more on the new stuff - My Garden, Create and Shadows of the Damned - later tonight!