Kotaku Is Hiring--Come Work With Us

Illustration for article titled Kotaku Is Hiring--Come Work With Us

Kotaku is looking to add some fresh voices to our ranks. Could that be you?

Specifically, we’re hoping to hire a full-time staff writer who has a penchant for news, as well as a freelance weekend editor who specializes in competitive gaming. We want people who are fearless in their reporting and criticism. We want writers who are interested in telling the stories of the people making and playing video games, rather than the constant hype surrounding the industry.


We just got done with our best month in history, and would love it if you wanted to come aboard and kick ass with us.

You can find the job listing for the NYC-based Staff Writer position here, and the (remote) Weekend Editor position here. Remember to send in clips!



You know, I was going to lend you folks my talents, but I cannot support a site with such garbage opinions like this: http://kotaku.com/which-is-bette…