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Kotaku Is Hiring, Come Work For Us

The open roles are in NYC, where the G/O Media office is based

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Kotaku writer in the flesh.

Exciting times lie ahead at Kotaku, and we’re looking to fill three positions that will help us try to redefine what a video game website can be. Two of these roles are staff writer positions, ideal for hungry reporters and critics who want to blog daily about what matters most in the world of video games and beyond. The other position, meanwhile, is a senior role that operates more behind the scenes, helping us keep Kotaku up and running.

Both are crucial to my ambitious vision for what the Kotaku of tomorrow can be. Even better, both are covered under the collective bargaining agreement with the WGA-E, so you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with a union. Under that agreement, the salary minimums are $55K and $72K, respectively. Unfortunately, telecommuting is not an option.


From our staff writer listing, which you can apply to here:

Kotaku is looking for a hungry writer who loves telling stories about people. You have some nerve, and are bold enough to turn heads on any given topic. You have zero tolerance for buzzwords and know how to cut through the hype. You play video games, but you also have a wide range of interests and a good understanding of broader pop culture.

You are well-versed in platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Discord, and Twitch, and have some understanding of modern fandom. You are the sort of person who always knows about the latest hot influencer or viral game, and if you don’t, you should have the drive and curiosity to find out. On your best days, you’re not just following trends—you’re leading the conversation.


From our managing editor position, which you can apply to here:

The Managing Editor keeps Kotaku running by organizing the efforts of a far-flung team of Kotaku writers and reviewers. The managing editor ensures articles are well-edited and on time, accounts for scheduling changes, and helps promote Kotaku’s best stories to G/O Media sister sites and beyond.

This is a leadership position reporting to Kotaku’s editor-in-chief. Gaming expertise is preferred but not required. It’s more important that you can coordinate the efforts of a team of writers, that you can line-edit and that you are driven to make Kotaku’s front page as interesting as any on the Internet on any given day. You should be excited to write occasional stories for the site, too.

So yeah, wanna get paid to write about video games with a cool team that’s shooting for the stars? My tip to you, then, is to make sure to use the cover letter as a space to tell us why you, specifically, would be a good fit. Really, you should see the cover letter as a good opportunity to write about why it’s you who is a good fit for this role, and to expand on things that may not be reflected by your resume. Links to recent clips are a must. Good luck!