Happy Black Friday everyone. We've spent the past few weeks prepping you for any possible spending spree you go on today.

Now that you're standing, coffee in hand, in front of some store, or maybe in your robe preparing to go to some store, now might be a good time to refresh your memory on what to buy and what to avoid, where to get what you want, and when.


You can check out all of our reviews here, and our most recent reviews here.

Some handy-dandy gift guides:
The iPhone Gaming Gift Guide
The Playstation 3 Gift Guide
The Wii Holiday Gift Guide
The Xbox 360 Gift Guide
The Portable Holiday Gift Guide
The PC Gift Guide
The Import Gaming Gift Guide


And of course, all of those Black Friday deals.


If you come across any super great deals make sure to drop in and tip off your fellow Kotakuites.

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