Kotaku Game Club: Modern Warfare 2 Discussion Resumes.. NOW (Levels 13-15)

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Outer space and betrayal are a part of the fourth (of five) Game Club meetings about the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. Thoughts on the penultimate batch of levels?

We're covering:

-Second Sun (Goodbye, space station)
-Whiskey Hotel (Goodbye, Oval Office - almost!)
-Loose Ends (Goodbye Ramirez Roach and Ghost)


Those of you who didn't exactly follow Game Club protocol already began to spoil that the levels we're discussing today would include a plot twist. Once teased, it was obvious what the twist would be.

So let's talk about plot twists... We just had one in Modern Warfare 2. Have the twists been done well in this game, compared to, say the twists in the first Modern Warfare or other games with big surprises such as Knights of the Old Republic? (When you answer, please show some restraint about spoiling too many other games.)

Also, what do folks think of territory-defense levels like Loose Ends? I was frustrated in the 90s with GoldenEye's late-game level like this. But I rather liked the one near the end of the first Gears of War. I believe MW2's was another success, offering the player to make tactical decisions, something the campaign otherwise seldom permitted.

NOTE - The next Game Club meeting will be on Monday, same time as this one, 2pm Kotaku Time, 4pm ET. We'll be covering the game's final campaign levels.

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All the radio chatter telling me to lay claymore mines on the road and giving me infantry positions in Loose Ends was silly because I was pinned down by enemy fire in the house the entire time.