Kotaku Contest Reminder: Are You The World's Biggest Zelda Fan?

Illustration for article titled Kotaku Contest Reminder: Are You The Worlds Biggest Zelda Fan?

If you are the biggest Zelda fan and desire a $1000 gift card for the Nintendo Store, a signed DS, a copy of the new Zelda game, and/or a Biggest Zelda Fan Trophy, enter our Zelda contest. Ends December 31.


Don't post entries here. See the link above for full contest rules. The contest is open to residents of North and South America. You must be 18 or older.


Good luck to all who enter!

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Darth Stewie

Loosen up the requirements on what needs to be done and you'll actually get some people able to compete in this contest. As it is now, I thought for maybe 20 seconds on what I could do and then it became too unmanageable and honestly not worth the effort for the prizes.

Kudos though to whoever finds the time and money to make something really cool!