In January, Greg Miller quit his cushy job at IGN to go indie.

Although it seemed like a risky move at the time, things have worked out for the longtime video game personality and his friends, who doubled down on video-making and podcasting and now rake in over $45,000 a month via Patreon support for their company, Kinda Funny. (You can find them on YouTube here and on Twitch here.)


Today Greg’s here to answer your questions. He’ll be here for an hour or so starting at 3:30pm ET. Ask whatever you’d like.

UPDATE: Q&A’s over. Special thanks to Greg for taking the time to chat with us today.

This is Kotaku Asks, a weekly feature where we invite guests from the world of gaming to come answer burning questions from Kotaku readers. (If you think you’d be a good guest or have any requests for future guests, let us know.)

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