Today on Kotaku Asks we’ve got a very special treat: a professional public relations person is here to answer your questions about what it’s really like behind the scenes at a major video game publisher.

Our PR professional has to remain anonymous so he or she can stay a PR professional, but what we can tell you is that they’ve worked for multiple major video game publishers and have a lot of insight into the world of business and public relations. They’ve had to manage crises, coddle the games press, and shepherd celebrity game developers through boring interviews in cramped hotel rooms. Our anonymous PR pro has a lot of strong opinions on the video game industry, too.


Ask whatever you’d like. What sort of dirty tactics have they used to try to get favorable press or higher review scores? What do they do when a developer says something he or she probably shouldn’t have said? What happens when their next big game leaks on Kotaku before it was supposed to be revealed? And, hey, what is it like to deal with us nosy Kotaku writers?

This one should be fun. Our PR rep will be here for an hour or so starting at 11am ET.

UPDATE: Q&A’s over. Thanks to our Anon PR Pro for taking the time to chat with us today.

This is Kotaku Asks, a weekly feature where we invite guests from the world of gaming to come answer burning questions from Kotaku readers. (If you think you’d be a good guest or have any requests for future guests, e-mail me.)


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