A police station in Seoul, South Korea is filled with more than just cops. There are two feline friends on duty—namely, sleep and snack patrol. It's a heartwarming story how they got there.

Meet Mango and Mango Kobun. According to the Seoul Police, a young man brought Mango to the station this past June. The cat, then about one month old, had seemingly been thrown away in a dumpster. If the cat's owner weren't found, the animal would have to be put to sleep.

So, apparently unable to find the animal's owner, an officer took Mango in and brought it to a local vet. A lump was discovered in the animal's stomach, and it needed to be removed. The operation would cost 500,000 won (US$460). The officer created a "support group" for the cat and began collecting money to cover the procedure.

Upon hearing this, the vet offered to do the operation at a discount rate. Now, Mango is happy and healthy—and joined by another cat. Named Mango Kobun, this critter, which looks identical to Mango, appeared in the station on the verge of starvation. Likewise, the police took the cat in.


Now, both felines live in the police station, stretching out where they like, and coming and going as they please. Before heading out of the station, officers will stop and play with the cats. When they return, the cops will feed them snacks.

While the cats might not keep the streets safe, they sure keep them cute.

망원파출소의 묘(猫)한 경찰관?! [서울경찰]

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