Korean Developer Responds to Team Fortress 2 Rip-Off Claims

The trailer for computer title H.A.V.E. Online looks remarkably similar to Team Fortress 2 — so much so that it is actually pissing South Korean gamers off. Comments have been largely vicious.


H.A.V.E. Online is being called "an embarrassment" to the Korean game industry. Check out this comparison clip and judge for yourself.

Last week, we reported that its publisher SK iMedia has not commented about the likeness. Well, the company finally has made a statement. Korean web portal DC News did a phone interview with the publisher. "Debating (as to if it's a rip off or not) is like having blind men touching an elephant and describing what it looks like," said SK iMedia. "We will reveal the gameplay soon. Other than that, we have no comment at this time."

신작 게임 'H.A.V.E.', '팀 포트리스2'와 비슷하다? [DC News Thanks, Torokun!]

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