Indecent? Or simply decent? According to website MMO News, two booth companions were asked to leave South Korean game show G-Star for their revealing costumes. This apparently is a first for the G-Star event.

The companions were working the NCSOFT Blade & Soul booth. The two companions were professional models hired by NCSOFT, the company stated, but the costumes were provided by the modeling company and not NCSOFT.


G-Star does not allow booth babes in bikini or underwear style costumes in exhibitor booths. Skirts must cover the pelvis. Tops must cover one third of the companion's back. Companies who refuse to follow this guideline will be punished — first a verbal warning, and the third time, G-Star will cut the booth's power. G-Star even has the right to ask companies to leave the event.

The crackdown on booth companions is so that the event is not known as "Girl Star". Instead, G-Star is known as "The game show that kicks out out cosplaying booth companions for wearing outfits less revealing what you'd see at the beach."


Over-revealing Blade and Soul Showgirls Are Ordered Out of Gstar 2009 []

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