Konami's Xbox 360 Metal Gear Quote Was Erased!

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As Kotaku commenter El-Suave pointed out earlier, the quote from Konami PR mouthpiece Yoshitaka Arai about "looking into" an Xbox 360 Metal Gear Solid 4 has since been removed from the original source article. The new quote is from Konami PR manager Chiaki Nakajima, does not mention Xbox 360 or MGS4, and reads:

While making use of each platform's strong suits, we are going multi-platform from henceforth.


Thanks Konami for the edits! As if this clusterfuck didn't need more drama. While we're not sure if Arai simply misspoke or was just plain wrong, what we are pretty sure is that guy got in trouble. Big trouble. What do you make of this? 東京ゲームショウの見方=ブランド重視とマルチプラットフォーム化が加速 [Yahoo! News]



Exactly! I was saying earlier that gaming media should not wind up people with such rumours. Jeez...