Claws out! Time to get catty. Konami makes Pro Evolution Soccer. EA makes the FIFA franchise. And with Pro Evo 2009 coming out this October, it's time for Konami to remind folks that it makes the better soccer game. Oh yes. Here's Konami Pro Evo leader Jon Murphy:

It is all very well for EA to say that FIFA is making great strides, but general opinion suggests that they still have a long way to go before they can match the intuitive and absorbing gameplay of Pro Evolution Soccer... That is not to say that we are resting on our laurels, though. PES 2009 has a vast number of new additions that elevate it far beyond anything anyone else is doing.

Yep, Konami just told EA "nice try, keep going, kid". For the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer title, Konami secured the Champions League license for four years, plus signed deals with Premier League clubs Liverpool and Manchester United. It's also the official video game of the England national team. Full PES 2009 details revealed [MCVUK]