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Konami has confirmed that it has picked up rights to publish a video game based on the Saw movie franchise, one of many titles abandoned by the implosion of Brash Entertainment.


Variety's The Cut Scene has first details and a handful of screen shots of Konami's newest acquisition, confirming earlier reports that Saw would join Silent Hill as horrific accompaniment to its stable of franchises.

The Saw game, developed by Zombie Studios, developers of the recently announced Blacklight and various U.S. Army funded game projects, is expected to ship alongside the theatrical release of Saw VI for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC this Fall.


With Silent Hill: Shattered Memories also recently confirmed for the Wii, will Konami have a double-dose of horror planned for 2009?

Head over to The Cut Scene for more in-game and concept art shots, as well as additional details.


Will Saw be Konami's second great horror franchise? (Plus, first screenshots) [The Cut Scene]

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