Konami: No Guitar Controller For Rock Revolution

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After sitting on genre-establishing properties GuitarFreaks and DrumMania for close to a decade, never releasing a single console title in either series in the West, Konami decided — after watching Guitar Hero become a billion-dollar franchise — to get into the rhythm game. It announced Rock Revolution in May, an oddly timed Rock Band downgrade that came with a limp soundtrack and an awkward coming out party. It would appear that Konami's curious decision making hasn't stopped, as the company confirmed to MTV today that it would not be shipping its own guitar controller with the game. You'll have to use someone else's.Konami reps told MTV that "At this time, Konami will only be releasing ‘Rock Revolution' with a drum peripheral." It says it has no plans for a guitar controller of its own, that Rock Band and Guitar Hero controllers — first and third party, we'll assume — will be supported. I guess that's why Konami was pushing for music controller cross-compatibility earlier this year... but it might not help the company's case for filing suit against Harmonix over patent violations. Konami's cool with using Harmonix's controllers for Rock Revolution, but not Guitar Hero and Rock Band? MTV did confirm that the Rock Revolution drum set will be compatible with its competitors, despite the mismatched pad numbers on both Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour. Konami Not Making Guitar For ‘Rock Revolution' [MTV Multiplayer]

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Jesus, what is with all the hating in here?

Point A: I wonder if, somewhere on 2ch, there are a bunch of Guitar Freaks fanboys laughing at how poorly Guitar Hero did when it was released in Japan (earlier this year?), and talking about how Activision had "missed the boat" by focusing so heavily on the American market.

Because see, this is all a matter of perspective.

Point B: Konami is a Japanese developer. It seems natural to me that they would continue to focus on the Japanese market. It seems *unnatural* to me to see some of these other Japanese developers now trying to focus on the western market. (Think about if the reverse were true, and EA started making a bunch of anime dating simulations to try to crack the Japanese market. Would be kinda weird, right?)

And Konami still owns the music game genre in Japan. Absolutely owns it. Nobody else comes close.

You're free to argue that it's a worldwide market and blah blah blah, and it's not as if Konami ignores other markets (see MGS4, PES, etc.), but you know what? Konami's profitable. And not just a little bit profitable, but pretty goddamn profitable. They're profitable now and they've been profitable for a while. So I really don't see what the problem is with their strategy.

Companies can't be all things to all people. I'm sure Konami would love it if they had the top guitar game in the US, but c'est la vie. They don't have infinite resources. They're doing what they can at this point, and meanwhile they're raking in the bucks in Japan, and also from Europe and the US on some of their other games that they've obviously put higher on the priority list. I don't think they've really got much to worry about.