Konami Closes 16 Of Its Sports Clubs In Japan Due To Covid-19

Illustration for article titled Konami Closes 16 Of Its Sports Clubs In Japan Due To Covid-19
Screenshot: Konami Sports Club@YouTube
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In Japan, Konami doesn’t only make video games. It also has a major chain of sports clubs. Gyms have been hit hard by the novel coronavirus pandemic, and Konami has had to shutter a number of its locations.


Konami’s presence in sports is why the company has developed exercise games and been a major sponsor of athletics in Japan, especially gymnastics.

According to Kyodo News, sixteen Konami sports clubs will be closed by the end of May. The primary cause given is the continuing covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent decline in customers.

Locations across the country will be closed, including in Tokyo, Osaka, Niigata, Aichi, and more.

Konami has released videos stressing its commitment to safety during the pandemic, showing employees in face shields and masks, as well as how social distancing is implemented while exercising.

Originally from Texas, Ashcraft has called Osaka home since 2001. He has authored six books, including most recently, The Japanese Sake Bible.


Meanwhile, video game sales surged during the pandemic. I bet somebody at Konami wishes they were still in the business of making those. Just not somebody with any authority, unfortunately.