Adventurer and Japanese celebrity Ayako Imoto raced a Komodo Dragon. And by "raced," I mean she ran for her life.

And she did so with a slab of meat tied around her waist. Oh, and wearing a kimono. Ever try running while wearing a kimono? It's not easy. Try it while a large lizard carnivore is chasing you!

This isn't even Imoto's first time she's raced (er, ran from) a Komodo Dragon. A few years earlier, she pulled the same stunt, but she was wearing her typical schoolgirl garb—which, no doubt, is easier to run in.


For her wildlife segment on Japanese television, Imoto often travels around the globe to various locales, doing things like wrestling alligators, handling deadly predators, and racing cheetahs. She's also appeared in Nintendo commercials.

芸者イモト VS コモドドラゴン 50m走で対決! [栄一 江村]

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