Fighting games are about timing. These games are razor sharp, competitive. Konami's Wii fighter Castlevania Judgement is different: It's not really about timing and the input isn't so important. It's as sharp as a bowling ball. Lead Castlevania Konami Koji Igarashi explains:

In games like SF or VF, all of the movements and inputs are extremely precise, and timing is crucial. I wanted to appeal to a broader audience than the general fighting-game crowd. There's also the issue of the Wii controller. It's difficult to do those sorts of precise movements when you're waving something around. That's why we opted to do more of a competitive action game.


Waggle, waggle, punch. Elsewhere in the interview, Igarashi declares his undying love for the Nintendo DS platform, but points out that making only DS games might not be the best business plan. It may be. You really can't be 100 percent about things like that. Interview: Konami's Koji Igarashi [Kikizo] [Pic]

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