Koei Tecmo is Making an Attack on Titan Game

It looks like a Warriors game, but the other way around; you’re one of hundreds of peons against an unstoppable force – a titan, as it were.


It should come as no surprise that it kind of seems like a reverse Warriors game—the game is being developed by Omega-Force, the makers of the Warriors game series. The new Attack on Titan game will be the first AoT title that will be released not only on a handheld console, but on home consoles as well.

The new Attack on Titan game is scheduled for release in Japan on the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita this Winter. A Western release is scheduled for 2016.

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So instead of depleting hundreds of enemy troops that die in one hit to finish a stage, you have to try to take down a huge enemy using hundreds of allied troops that are super squishy and die in one hit? That sounds very fitting for the setting.