Kobe, Kimmel Are Killing It In Call of Duty: Black Ops Ad

Call of Duty isn't only enjoyed by businesswomen, construction workers, line cooks and hotel concierges—professional basketball players and late night talk show hosts love it too! Or so says the first, explosive Call of Duty: Black Ops ad.


Activision and Treyarch tap the star power of Kobe "Mamba" Bryant and Jimmy "Proud n00b" Kimmel to shill the next big Call of Duty game, hitting the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii next week. Celebrities, they spray 'n' pray, they spam grenades, they fire wild RPGs — they're just like us!!

First Black Ops commercial: Kobe & Kimmel [One of Swords]

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wild homes loves you but chooses darkness!

From the description I was not prepared for that ad to actually be good. And it was, convincingly so.

Well played, Activision. Very well played indeed.

On other note, though: in 2006, the 360 gunfight ad gets pulled from the air... and in 2010 this is acceptable? I'm not even remotely opposed to this ad— it's hilarious, well-shot, and definitely sells the online multiplayer experience well— but it's certainly interesting how the public perception of gaming has evolved in the span of four years.

Change is good.