Klonoa: Door To Phantomile: Wii vs. PSone Graphics Battle

The Wii may see some taunting remarks from the more graphically inclined wiseacres populating the gaming landscape, but the remake of the original Klonoa for the PlayStation proves that we've come a long way, baby. Klonoa: Door To Phantomile looks thankfully (and logically) much much better than its PSone counterpart by a country mile. It may not be as well illustrated here as it is in some of the side-by-side pics at Impress Game Watch, but the two aren't even in the same league. The eye-opening, rose glasses smashing advancements in graphics, even on something as simple as Klonoa, only make us want the Wii-make that much more. We're looking at you, Namco Bandai of America. Klonoa: Door To Phantomile Wii [Impress Game Watch]


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