Klefki Will Steal Your Keys And Never Give Them Back

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Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Klefki!


Klefki Details

Type: Steel/ Fairy

Average Height: 0‘ 08"

Average Weight: 6.6 lbs.

First Added In Generation VI

I remember the first time I saw Klefki. I was online and somebody posted a photo of a new Pokemon I had never seen before. My first thought was simply disbelief. This isn’t real. Someone is just pranking people. But I did a little research and it turned out that actually, I was wrong. Klefki is very real and very much a Pokemon that is basically a floating keyring.

I know that some Pokemon fans get angry about people saying they prefer the original generation of Pokemon over other generations. And it is a bit silly to say stuff like “That first generation was better because it was all-natural looking creatures.” Have you seen Magnetmite? That thing is just screws and magnets. But looking at Klefki I can’t help but think to myself that maybe the Pokemon artists and creators need a break. Suggesting the next new Pokemon creature you add to the game be a floating keyring might be the sign you’ve run out of ideas and need to go take a short vacation. Relax. Do something else. Stop.

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According to its Pokedex entries, Klefki uses the top of its head to dig for minerals in caves and mines. Eventually, as those areas ran low on minerals, the creatures ventured into the villages of humans. For some reason, they also started to steal their keys. Nobody knows why Klefki steals keys or even likes keys, but once it has a key it likes hooked on to its body, it won’t give it up.

Did Klefkis exist before keyrings? Maybe back in the past, before the invention of keyrings but after humans had created keys, someone saw a Klefki with some keys. That person realized that holding all your keys in a burlap sack was terrible and a ring of keys would be better. If this is true, it is a much less disgusting story of Pokemon helping humans from the past than the Conkeldur incident.


Favorite Fan Art

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Illustration: WolfJayden (Instagram)

Klefki is perfect for someone like Sora. He has too many keyblades to hold easily. Klefki can hold a lot of key-shaped objects. Getting them back might be tricky, but once you figure that part out this is actually a great idea.

Random Facts

  • Klefki will shake its keys at predators or anything that threatens it. I can’t imagine this actually stops attacks from happening, but I also don’t understand what the fuck even wants to eat one of these things.
  • People will sometimes give Klefki keys they want to keep secure and safe. These people should probably read the previous tip. I don’t think Klefki is the best security plan for important keys.
  • Klefki is one of the shortest steel-type Pokemon in the whole game.

Best Comment From Last Week

I think your autocomplete mistook ‘worst’ for ‘best’. Honest mistake, easily forgiven. Goomy is smol, squishy, adorable and just wants to be friends. It’s doing it’s best and I support it.

-The Geek Empress

Last week I discovered that the internet loves Goomy. I was not aware of this. I’m sorry for being so negative towards this small dragon. But in my defense, they do seem like terrible and shitty dragons with no redeeming qualities. Anyways, once again sorry for making fun of your terrible dragon, internet.

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If “ball” and “upside-down ball” weren’t evidence enough that they ran out of ideas after the first 99, I don’t know what to tell you.