Kirby's Back And Not As Pissed In Kirby Super Star Ultra's Box Art

One might think that HAL Laboratory's puffy pink protagonist Kirby has not a care in the world, that his disposition, due to his pinkness, would be beatific. Not so, according to virtually every video game box art appearance Kirby has made for the better part of the past decade. After Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, the spherical mascot went from tickled pink to pissed. The transformations from pleased as punch to enraged were most noticeable in Kirby's journeys to America, going from happy go lucky to in a lather in games like Kirby Squeak Squad. Kirby Super Star Ultra changes all that, as Kirby's gay old times are back, with nary a furrowed brow to be seen. If you'd like to fondly remember Kirby's more bitter box art outings, hit the jump.


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