The first tracks from Kings of Leon and Rancid hit Rock Band next week, topping a massive list of tracks dropping across all three consoles.

The addition of Rancid's "Ruby Soho" to Rock Band next week fills a hole in my heart that I didn't realize was there until just now. It's part of the punk band's three-pack, coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 version next week, which also includes "Last One to Die" and "Time Bomb". A lovely selection of songs to help channel a little aggression.

Also making their debut next week is Kings of Leon, bringing a triple-dose of indie with "Crawl", "Molly's Chambers", and "Sex on Fire", which sounds incredibly uncomfortable, though I'm willing to try anything once.

A three-pack of Rise against and a single offering from Lush round out next week's songs for the two more advanced consoles, while the Wii scores a veritable flood of new music. It's getting three from Judas Priest, The Dead Weather, and Big Dipper; two from Naked Brothers; ne from Jethro Tull, and thirteen tracks from No Doubt, which should please any Wii-owning Gwen Stefani fans, of which I suspect there are quite a few.

Check out the full list below for individual track names and such. As always, Wii and 360 Tuesday, PlayStation 3 Thursday. Dismissed.


Tracks available for Xbox 360 (July 21) and PLAYSTATION 3 system (July 23):
Kings of Leon "Crawl"
Kings of Leon "Molly's Chambers"
Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire"
Rancid "Last One to Die"
Rancid "Ruby Soho"
Rancid "Time Bomb"
Rise Against "Prayer of the Refugee"
Rise Against "Re-Education (Through Labor)"
Rise Against "Savior"
Lush "Sweetness & Light"

Additional tracks available for Wii (July 21):
Big Dipper "All Going Out Together" *
Big Dipper "She's Fetching" *
Big Dipper "Younger Bums" *
Judas Priest "Dissident Aggressor (Live)"
Judas Priest "Eat Me Alive (Live)"
Judas Priest "Prophecy (Live)"
The Dead Weather "Hang You From the Heavens"
The Dead Weather "No Hassle Night"
The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"
Jethro Tull "Hymn 43"
Naked Brothers "Body I Occupy"*
Naked Brothers "I Don't Want To Go To School" *
No Doubt "Bathwater"
No Doubt "Don't Speak"
No Doubt "Excuse Me Mr."
No Doubt "Ex-Girlfriend"
No Doubt "Hella Good"
No Doubt "Hey Baby"
No Doubt "It's My Life"
No Doubt "Just a Girl"
No Doubt "Running"
No Doubt "Simple Kind of Life"
No Doubt "Spiderwebs"
No Doubt "Sunday Morning"
No Doubt "Underneath It All"