Russian developer Nival has done an amazing job bringing an updated free-to-play take on New World Computing's 1990 classic PC turn-based strategy game King's Bounty to Facebook and the iPad. Now they complete the cross-platform circle with King's Bounty: Legions for Android, harnessing the power of Tegra 3 to make for the best mobile version available.

What's King's Bounty: Legions? It's a turn-based strategy game shades of Heroes of Might and Magic. The player travels the land, gathering units for his or her army between grid-based battles. During battles the units take turns maneuvering and attacking, casting spells and performing special attacks until one side falls. Players can purchase new units to build their armies via virtual currency, the blood that makes free-to-play run, and when they aren't playing they can send their army on patrol, earning rewards without exerting effort.


The reason I compare it to Heroes of Might and Magic is because the 1990 game that inspired King's Bounty: Legions was designed by the same man who designed both Might and Magic and the Heroes spin-off—New World Computing founder Jon Van Caneghem. This game has deep roots, and it does them justice.

The Tegra-powered Android version, available now on Google Play, features enhanced spell effects, more detailed battle scenes and a fast frame rate than its iPad counterpart, but each version uses the same account as the Facebook game, so it really doesn't matter where you play. This is the joy of cross-platform gaming.

If you're looking for a meaty strategy experience you can play anywhere, King's Bounty: Legions from the strategy masters at Nival is a sound choice.