Kingdoms of Amalur's "Teeth of Naros" DLC Will Add Bite to the Game

Illustration for article titled Kingdoms of Amalur's "Teeth of Naros" DLC Will Add Bite to the Game

EA and 38 Studios just keep making the already-sizeable Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning bigger. On the heels of last month's massive pirate-themed DLC, EA has announced the next bout of content for the game, a forbidding area called the "Teeth of Naros."


The "Teeth of Naros" is named for a troll god, we are told, and religion seems to feature in heavily. The DLC adds a race of pious giants to the game — called, appropriately, the Kollossae — and promises to let the player "uncover the mysteries of their faith." The DLC also adds a quest-filled floating sky city, Idylla. No doubt, an idyllic city.

EA also promises several new dungeons, with new enemies to match, as well as "three new Twists of Fate, nine new armor sets, six new shields and 18 new unique weapons for players to choose from as they journey through this new world."

The "Teeth of Naros" will be available for download on April 17, for 800 Microsoft Points via Xbox Live or $9.99 on PSN, Origin, and Steam.



The game's a little slowish, and running around the world just isn't that fun (very empty and ead) but... amalur does a lot right. PC version's solid. Art is nice. AND THEY DO DLC (mini-expansions) RIGHT! $10, bunches of content. AWESOME.

Honestly, they just need a good writer. I don't know who wrote the game's story and dialog, but it's shit. The entire world is quite shit, actually. I don't give a fuck about your elves or why you call them Fae, because not only does it seem unoriginal and bland, but all the dialog in the game is amazingly boring and stiff and you just pick an option for an infodump.