Kingdom Hearts Is Getting Remixed in HD for the PS3 [Update]

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Square Enix is bringing the first Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to the PS3 in HD as part of a new KH compilation called Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX.


The version of Kingdom Hearts is the Japanese language "Final Mix" version, and the game, along with Chain of Memories, will have trophy support. This latest ReMIX will be out next year in Japan.

Update: Square Enix is referring to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX as a "video work" (
映像作品). Kotaku asked Square Enix booth reps at the Tokyo Game Show if the game would be playable, or simply HD video; however, they would not elaborate.

Update 2: Square Enix clarified this HD title: "KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- for the Japanese market will include HD versions of the playable KINGDOM HEARTS and KINGDOM HEARTS Re: Chain of Memories. The HD event scenes from KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 will be included so fans will be able to understand the story, but will not be playable."

『キングダム ハーツ』のPS3向けHD版『キングダム ハーツ -HD 1.5 ReMIX-』とPCブラウザ向け作品が発表! [ファミ通]



What the fuck Square... We want a true console Kingdom Hearts sequel, stop rehashing shit constantly, god damn. Kingdom Hearts 3 would fucking print money, why don't you understand this?