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pre-order Dark Souls II Collector's Edition [PC]

The Mohu Leaf is the favorite indoor antenna of Lifehacker readers, Lifehacker Editorial, and the Commerce Team. you'll get crystal clear channels, even in big cities, and more importantly, the cable company will stop getting your money. Pick up a refurb. from Amazon today for $26. [Amazon]

Refurb Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin HDTV Antenna | $26

The NETGEAR Nighthawk router is one of Lifehacker readers' top picks for the best AC router on the market, and you can get a free cable modem if you buy one today. Even if you have no use for the modem, you should be able to sell it fairly easily to get a de facto discount on the router.

Cards Against Humanity is back in stock on Amazon.





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