Kingdom Hearts Director Wants To Add Pixar

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Buzz Lightyear as a Kingdom Hearts character? Could happen.

Longtime Kingdom Hearts veteran and co-director of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Tai Yasue told me at E3 this week that he'd love to take Sora and Riku through the wonderful worlds of Pixar's films. As a collaborative project between Square Enix and Pixar parent company Disney, Kingdom Hearts could definitely find its way into a setting like Wall-E or Cars.


"Personally—and this isn't an announcement—I would really love to do a Pixar world," Yasue told me. "A lot of us do."

"Any particular favorite Pixar world?" I asked. His answer: Toy Story.

So maybe we'll get to see Sora and Riku fighting alongside Woody and Buzz in Kingdom Hearts III, whenever that comes out. If it ever comes out.

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Among the most demanded worlds for these games Pixar definitely ranks up there high. I think if they were to finally use them , they should use at least two worlds. I'd go with the given "Toy Story" and "Monsters Inc" personally.

As for regular Disney worlds , they need to put "Robin Hood" in now. It's literally one of the most asked for worlds and it'd be absolutely bad ass. I'd love to see "The Rescuers" as I think it'd be very interesting to see.