Kinect's Simple, Purple Box Art

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Some Xbox marketing material we got hold of over the weekend shows what looks like the box art for the Xbox 360's upcoming motion-sensing camera, Kinect.

It's no game, sure, but box art is both an art and for some a fetish (especially with novel stuff like this), so here it is (along with that for the Xbox 360 S + Kinect bundle). It's simple, and clean, which should be effective, but the more I see it, the more I don't like that awful purple Microsoft has gone with to brand Kinect accessories and software.

Makes the marketing look more like something for a cleaning product than a sophisticated piece of consumer electronics.


The bright side? There's no guarantee this is final, so if you're a no fan of the purple, there's always the chance it could change!

Illustration for article titled Kinect's Simple, Purple Box Art

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