Kinect, Windows Phone, Windows, Office: They All Live Together Peacefully In This New Ad

Microsoft kicked off their new global campaign this week, showcasing not a one of their products, but all of them and they managed to squeeze in a little Dance Central too!


Apparently this is the company's first every multi-product Christmas ad campaign. EXCITING!!!

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First off, who in there right mind has a PC in the kitchen?

Secondly, I tend to think connectivity of product's is best shown when there not all 3 feet away from each other.

Is this how microsoft sees the family, the guy is clearly dancing in front of them all to laugh at but it's better if you video it and send it through all the windows 7 computers in the house before you can get a real chuckle.

why not just send the dance central pictures to the everyone at the end, oh wait it's cause kinect's camera is poor compared to a 8MP mobile.