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Kinect Star Wars Will Make You Say 'Lightsaber ON!'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We showed you Kinect Star Wars last night. And today we've seen it played on stage.

A lengthy play-through showed scenes pulled from several eras of Star Wars fiction, predominantly from the Clone Wars and prequel era. A live on-stage demo involved a player swinging their arms to swing a lightsaber, holding their hand out to lift an enemy tank with the Force and then swiping it to the side to discard it.


The game appears to be less tightly controlled than the Kinect-enabled Fable game shown shortly before it. The hero character only jumps after the player jumps, for example. We'll be playing this game later today, hopefully, and will be able to tell you how it feels.

Note: The person demoing the game said "lightsaber on" to turn on his lightsaber.


There's no release date yet for Kinect Star Wars.