With a (mostly) disappointing launch lineup and some niggling problems, it's easy to get down on Microsoft's Kinect. Try sparing a thought, though, for the parents of a four year-old autistic boy, for which it's been a revelation.

Gaming Nexus writer John Yan has penned an account of his experiences playing with Kinect with his son, who with autism finds controlling a game and navigating menus with a control pad difficult.

Kinect, though? By making him the controller, he was not only able to easily pick up how to play the games, but could find his way around normally-abstract things like menu screens.

It won't go changing your mind on how useful a product it is for you, but it's a touching story to end your day with regardless.


I think Kinect is OK, but it's the best $150 I spent on a console [Gaming Nexus]