It's been two years since Lima Sky announced it would be bringing mobile sensation Doodle Jump to the Xbox 360 as a Kinect-powered downloadable game, and the thought tickles me just as much today as it did back then, only now there are pretty screens to temper my amusement.

They're pretty sharp screens as well, more akin to an animated cartoon than the simple doodles jumping of games' past. Developer Smoking Gun Interactive has done a fine job capturing the look of Doodle Jump, and it's sure to be incredibly pretty on a large HDTV.

I just hope there's an option to forego Kinect for traditional controls. As wonderful as three exclusive new worlds' worth of Doodle Jump goodness sounds, any excitement is negated by the idea of moving left and right to maneuver the character, flapping my arms to fly and shooting with hand gestures.