Kinect Could Make Carjackings, Stabbings & Execution Style Kills This Immersive

Rockstar Games wasn't shy about utilizing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as a killing tool in Manhunt 2, but will they follow suit and support Kinect for the Xbox 360? Could Grand Theft Auto V turn millions into sadistic mimes?


Explore the vicious possibilities in this humorous look at how the next Grand Theft Auto could be played on Microsoft's new motion controller. LaughPong on YouTube explores the throat-slashing, cop-killing and reckless driving opportunities—how delightfully fun it all looks—in this potentially not safe for work* parody.

(*Lots of sailor talk, so watch carefully.)

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hazelnut1112 (I don't want to convert my account)

I also like this one right here.

Even though it's not from the same people.