Kim Kardashian: Hollywood can often be found on the charts for popular mobile games. That is to say: it’s likely making a lot of money.

How much money? Well, last night Kim Kardashian took to Twitter with some recent figures, in an attempt to clap back against people who disapproved of her posting a nude selfie:


Holy fuck. It’s been two years since the release of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. If the game is actually still pulling in anywhere near that amount of money, that’s ridiculous (but well-deserved). We can’t verify this figure in particular, though we can note that back in 2014, Glu Mobile Inc, the developers of the celebrity game, said they made $83.6 million in revenue thanks in large part to Kim’s game. So, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to believe she might actually be making that much money, even if it’s been a while since the release of the game.

Whatever the game is bringing in right now, it’s kind of hilarious that Kim Kardashian is using video games to brag in front of 41 million people. Between this and Kanye’s recent proclamation that his next album will be named after a video game console, 2016 is shaping up to be a surreal year.


The amount of money noted in her Tweet seems important here, too. Her spouse, Kanye West, made headlines earlier this year because he said he was $53 million in personal debt. And that’s exactly how much Kim Kardashian claims she’s putting into their joint account. Kim’s taking care of her man, alright.

Maybe this will free Kanye up to finish his video game?

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