Killzone On The PS4 Is Absolutely Stunning. Let's Stare At It.

Guerilla Games revealed Killzone: Shadow Fall yesterday during the PlayStation Live Meeting, showing us our dramatic escape through the skyscrapers of Vekta City in the middle of a full-scale Helghan attack, as our animated GIFs show below.




Jonathan Ponikvar

This is what "next-gen" seems to mean nowadays: A slight bump in graphics, same old gameplay.

I'm really not trying to downplay the hype here. The PS4 looks like a great system. The social networking aspects and streaming video look like really cool additions. But the games all just looked like slightly prettier versions of the same titles they could have run on the existing PS3 hardware. The only one that really caught my attention was Driveclub, and that was simply for the team-based gameplay and worldwide racing events it hinted at, not because you could touch the fabric on the seats and have it react to your hand (really — why the hell would you need that as a feature?).

It's just that we've reached the point with our graphical capabilities nowadays where we really don't have much more room for improvements. Next-gen to me means an improvement in gameplay, and at this point, the Wii U is the only one in my eyes that fits that bill. The only equivalent experience on the PS4 will require the Vita (or another tablet device, apparently), which will limit how many games use it beyond the built-in function of Remote Play; as an industry rule, if it's not included right out of the box, it won't be widely supported. We learned that with the Move and Kinect, and even the Motion+ on the Wii.