Killing Tasty Animals The Windows Phone 7 Way

After the initial lineup of Xbox Live-ready games for the Windows Phone 7 platform debuted, new releases have slowed to a crawl, and crawling is just want you'll need to do to score a kill in Deer Hunter 3D.

Like many Windows Phone 7 games, Deer Hunter 3D is a port of an older iPhone game. I like to think of it as Microsoft's way of saying hey, we can do that to, rather than a sad statement about the lack of original titles coming out for the platform.


In Deer Hunter 3D's case, Glu Mobile has done a fine job of posting the game to Windows Phone 7, downloading and installing in minutes to my LG Quantum without one complaint, loading and playing like a champ. Other Windows Phone 7 users have reported problems getting the game to run on their specific phones, which I take as proof that I chose the right one.

The game itself? Well it's a glorified shooting gallery, more than anything else. You've got a handful of 3D locations, several difficulty levels, and enough animal-killing devices to fill the back of several beat-up Ford trucks. The graphics are pleasant enough, and once you select the option to place the firing button on the screen instead of simply tapping the game is much more enjoyable.

It's also incredibly easy, which might tick off Windows Phone 7 hunters that have forked over $4.99 for a realistic hunting experience. Then again, anyone expecting a realistic hunting experience on their phone probably deserve to be parted with their money.

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