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We get a lot of people pitching their indie games to us here at Kotaku. Some of these pitches are dreadful, others tolerable, but sometimes you get one that just nails it.


Here's the opening to an email I got about a game made by a small team of students from Cairns, Australia.

RegentZ is a satirical zombie game set in the romantic Regency era synonymous with Jane Austin novels. The night is young when Charlotte, daughter of the Montgomery estate, decides to take a stroll in the garden to escape her mothers army of suitors. What she finds in the garden might turn out to be much less pleasant than what she faced inside the manor. The grounds are full of well dressed zombies with great hair, proving that being dead doesn't mean you can't look dashing too. Charlotte will have to take it upon herself to not only defend the oblivious party-goers but also try to gather help to get rid of the zombies for good.

Sold. I mean, the general premise isn't new, but I can't stop chuckling at the name. Or the fact it actually includes a "rake in the face" gag. Or the caption in the screenshot above.

RegentZ, which combines straight zombie-killing action with some fancier stuff (like setting traps and pulling off special attacks), is playable for free from the team's site.


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