Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan (via The Local) is reporting that over the weekend, a group of kids playing Call of Duty got a little more than they bargained for when they got all excited about the game.

When one of the teenagers was killed in a round, he jokingly fell to the ground and started screaming "HELP HELP HELP". Passers-by heard his screams, though, and thinking they were real called emergency services, who sent a police unit to the house.


Opening the front door to greet them, the kids were yelled at to put their hands on their heads, before the cops ordered them outside and had them lie down on the ground.

The kids were soon able to explain what had happened, though, after which they were allowed to go back inside and keep playing. Presumably a bit more sensibly this time.

Police raid flat to find war game-playing teens [The Local]

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