England's 34 year-old Ian Huntley has been sentenced to life in prison for murder of two 10 year-old girls back in 2002. Since being incarcerated, Huntley has tried to kill himself three times. So, to keep him from killing himself, tax players are apparently picking up the tab for a Nintendo Wii that Huntley can play in his private cell. According to an unnamed jail source:

Huntley has been asking for a Wii for months... When he moved to Frankland in February he was given a Nintendo Game Cube - but after only a few weeks he began complaining it was out of date... Management are desperate to stop him going though with threats he's made to kill himself and by giving him a Wii they believe they can take his mind away from harming himself in any way.


Huntley's private cell also boasts a television and a CD player. Keep in mind: This info comes from an unnamed source so it could very well be false. WARDERS ORDERED: PLAY ON Wii WITH HUNTLEY [The People via WiiNintendo]