Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Have Online Multiplayer, Five 3DS Titles Getting Free Demos

Illustration for article titled emKid Icarus: Uprising/em Will Have Online Multiplayer, Five 3DS Titles Getting Free Demos

Four big 3DS titles, including Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D and Resident Evil: Revelations, are getting free downloadable demos in Japan, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said last night.


No word on the timing for when the free demos will be hitting 3DS in other regions. Iwata also talked a bit more about the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising and how multiplayer will work during his live online stream broadcast.

Starting today in Japan, the e-Shop is getting batch of new 3D videos, as well as demos for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Theater, New Love Plus and Resident Evil: Revelations, Iwata said. The demos are all available in the new "demos" section of the e-Shop.


He also said that Nintendo plans to start having monthly 3D picture contests starting next month with celebrity judges picking out winner who will receive new Nintendo goodies.

During the online presentation, Iwata also talked a bit about Kid Icarus: Uprising.

The game, due out March 23 in North America, will include both local and online multiplayer, he said. In the game players will be able to compete in three versus three matches and a "battle royal" as well. Players will make use of weapons and pick-up items during fights.

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For everyone wondering when the west will get this stuff, there will be a Nintendo Direct later today from NOA.