[Images: elmo721007 | Studio Ghibli]

No-Face from Studio Ghibli anime Spirited Away sure is adorable as a three year-old from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

As noted by TVBS and The Nanfang, little Meng Meng dressed up as the character for her pre-school’s Halloween party.

[Image: elmo721007]

Her outfit looks great!

[Image: elmo721007]
[Image: elmo721007]

Even if her classmates didn’t fully appreciate it.

[Image: elmo721007]

Folks online, however, did and even created little No-Face tributes.

[Image: 許竣傑]
[Image: เลขา]
[Image: 李桃]
[Image: Fahfahs]

[Image: Oui Kaa]

Meng Meng’s costume even ended up on television!


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