Kickstart My Heart: Ravaged is Shaping Up to be the Multiplayer RAGE Never Had

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One of the benefits of backing as many Kickstarter campaigns as I have is that some days I wake up and find beta keys for up and coming crowd funded games in my inbox. Every day is Christmas when you Kickstart all the things.


One of the more promising projects I backed was Ravaged. A post-apocalyptic multiplayer vehicular shooter that may just fill the void left by RAGE's lack of traditional MP.

Thanks to my contribution, I've been given access to the Ravaged beta and I'm pleased to report that so far it's everything I'd hoped for and more. [Go watch this video in 720p]

Multiple game modes that'll have you capturing objectives BF3 style, a variety of classes each outfitted with cool weapons and of course, the vehicles. Bikes, trikes, cars, buggies and gyrocopters all let you wreak havoc across the ruined battlefields of Ravaged. Is it as polished as RAGE? Of course not. This isn't a multi-million dollar game developed by id and backed by Bethesda.

This is a (partially) crowd funded Unreal 3 envisioning of what traditional RAGE multiplayer could have been - and I dig it, baby.

Since the game is built with the Unreal Development Kit it plays solid enough, looks pretty damn good at max settings and feels about as polished as you'd expect. The weapon and class variation comes as the biggest surprise. I had no idea there was an assassin class that carried a scoped crossbow or a heavy class that totes around a giant minigun. It's quite a good time already, and it's still a beta. I only wished there were more people playing it right now.

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What more can I say. It's the beauty of crowd funding really. Not only do we get to help fund the development of games, from time to time we also get to partake in said development - and I for one think that's pretty cool.


Ravaged will be available later this year. To pre-order (and get into the beta) or to learn more, head on over to developer 2Dawn's website.

Oh, by the way. That video required no editing. I simply looped "Kickstart my Heart" over the Ravaged gameplay trailer. Definitive proof that Mötley Crüe goes with everything.



Still can't figure out how to start a new discussion, so I'm just replying to someone — don't know who they are or what they said — but maybe making commenters pointless in the grand scheme of things was Denton's plan. I'd watch out, if I were you, editors. You'll be next. This man's madness knows no boundaries, from what I can gather.

And he hasn't liked commenters (who are every bit as valuable to Gawker sites as editors — if not more) for a long time. Remember when Gawker was hacked (all my personal info. leaked). The team up top at Gawker (no one at Kotaku — the ONLY Gawker site I trust at all) asked THEIR information (the higher-ups) was being hacked, or just the "peasants." When it turned out to be just the "peasants" (that'd be us commenters, and those are their words, not mine) they shrugged (more like laughed) it off and watched as more and more of our personal info was stolen.

I loved Kotaku. Honest to gawd I did (and anyone — editor or otherwise posting here from the very first year when I became a regular — knows this). Loved it. It was perfect to me. It was my online home.

This new commenting system is disgusting. This disregard of commenters contributions is disgraceful. I'm not going to navigate through 3000 clicks just to try and find some semblance of a thread that looks like a discussion.

And Luke (whom I love) can pretend all he wants he prefers this, but he's drinking Denton's Kool-Aid. This is abysmal.

Anyway, the ONLY reason I initially entered this thread was to start a NEW post that said that I LOVE Rage's online, as it was. Both it's co-op and its mashup-derby style online. It was an absolute blast (I was very good at it, which may have me a bit biased). I would love to play this mod. That was all I was going to say.

But as I am not allowed to start a new thread to say it, I just rambled on until I finally got to my point.

There are actually 2 points in this thread:

1. Rage's online was great and it sounds like it's getting better, thanks to the community.

2. Gawker's new commenting system is a fucking embarrassment and if ANYONE (reader or editor) has the money to buy this site out from Nick Denton, please do so NOW and let the fun discussions begin again! We were, hands down, the best group of commenters, video game or otherwise.

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