KFC Is Now Serving Chicken Skin In Indonesia

As far as ideas go, KFC serving bags of crisp, fried chicken skin is an excellent one. Who doesn’t love the skin?


KFC is offering bags of chicken skin at six locations in Indonesia: MT Haryono, Salemba, Cideng, Kemang, Kalimalang and Kelapa Gading. One order is the equivalent of 95 cents.


This isn’t a first for KFC.


In the Philippines, for example, KFC launched Cracklings, a snack version of fried skins.


“All the best part!” I agree! 


Some like the chicken skin, but as website Coconuts points out, others found the portions too small and the fried skin too salty. I think that’s something I’ll need to decide for myself. 

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Most people on the post above were expecting that it will taste the same with the skin freshly ripped from a piece of fried chicken. Well, of course it doesn’t.

Anyway, here’s more mmouth-watering animal skin delicacies:

Fried fish skin with salted egg flavor

(picture below is from a Singaporean brand, but this snack is also trending in Indonesia)

Pig skin cracker (crackling?). Pretty sure this one is available in many Asian countries.