Kerrigan Returns To Finish The Job In StarCraft II: Ghosts Of The Past

The final unlock from Blizzard's Join the Dominion StarCraft II website is this amazing trailer, furthering our belief that Blizzard should stop making games and start making movies.

Reader Robert directed us to the movie, revealed today on the Join the Dominion website, likely the last trailer we'll get for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty prior to the game's launch next week.


Blizzard's skill at creating compelling trailers is second to none. I just called my local game retailer to see if I could possibly get a last minute upgrade to the collector's edition of the game, based on this trailer alone.

July 27 cannot come soon enough.


As good as the CGI is (and, for the record, I liked what I saw in/for Halo Wars/Mass Effect/The Old Republic better), this doesn't necesarily convince me to pick up the game, especially with lines like "she's come to finish the job" and "tell me why I shouldn't kill you right now."

I know it's an RTS, so that hurts it even more. This kind of action isn't going to be in the game, so why would I want to play it.

Now, if it was a third person shooter, I'd be all over that shit in a nano-second, because I'd be thinking that Blizzard would be capable of delivering at least a similar experience.

...but yeah, this really doesn't do anything for me. I like it better than Warcraft 3's stuff, but that's about it.